Grid lock in Nuevo Chique

We are getting into a routine now, El Arranque Saturday, Fulgor on Sunday, Wednesday Canning and Tuesday and Thursday Nuevo Chique.

So today we went to Chique again. The crowd was good, but it became a bit too much as the evening went on. I cabeceod Michel’s Marvillosa, and literally I could not get out of the corner. I was stuck there for half the track. Literally gridlock. She tells me he has written, well he has not written me. I can’t understand why this should be. OK maybe I can.

There comes a time when we are defined by our illnesses, “donde es tu amigo” I was asked by my Chilean friend “mi amigo alta? es en inglaterra” she looked at me strangely. “No tu amigo con asthma” she said. Geoff was up dancing. So Geoff is now known as the man with asthma.

We stopped off for a coffee again on the way home. This time at a different café. It looked a bit posher to me and so it was, we got biscuits with our coffee and agua con gas. This is going to cost, I thought. But when the bill came it was less than across the road. We will be back here next week.


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