Canning, not so good today.

I didn’t do a lot in the morning. Still having problems with the flush, nothing broken, it just sticks now and then. So I keep at it it will be right one day. Over to the chino for some minced beef, so that Viv can make Bolognese. Then showers and ready to go out again.

Canning was almost empty when we arrived, and even though it filled there were not many who would choose to dance with us. We did meet up with Maggie and Peter though. They are staying in San Telmo, we split them up for a dance, but I don’t think that they were quite ready for the leap to separdos. Today would not have been a good start, so it was for the best.

I had some good dances with some ladies from Alicante. Funny how I can understand everything that they say, but little of what the locals say. Two countries split by a common language, I think.

Mario did two tandas of Biagi, that kept me happy but Viv was having a bad time. She went over to Maggie and Peter’s table to talk to them, that got the waitress worried as they were sitting the other side of the room, where the waiter served. It was time to head for home, and I needed to pay the waitress before she had a total panic attack.

Not for me though, there was a concorcio meeting so I stayed downstairs. I met our new administrator, dark skin and quite attractive. We had a short chat, but once the meeting started I lost the thread completely. I understood about the various lengths of the building guarantee, but little else. Once there were two or more people talking at once it may as well have been mandarin.

I was glad when it was all over, I wished I still had Philippe here to translate. Still I had that Bolognese to look forward to.


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