Shopping for compraphobics

I was dragged kicking and screaming out shopping. I suppose it was my own fault, I kept insisting we buy whole lettuce and not pre prepared stuff. So Viv wanted a salad spinner. (centrefugio here).  We walked up to Corrientes, only two blocks and we found right by the corner a shop that had just about everything.  We got the spinner, a new glass, a spare paint brush and some hand cream.

Job done, I like this sort of shopping. Viv was not done though, we stopped at the salad shop for some tomatoes, the almacen for some bread and then to the chino for a load of other stuff. By the time we were finished my days budget was gone and I had to raid the piggy bank for todays outing.

Off to Nuevo Chique again. It just gets better here, I don’t think Viv missed a tanda and there are a few men she has been trying to cabeceo since last year. Now she has danced with them as well. I did miss a couple, one was Pugliese and one I was just being lazy.

We left there exhausted and stopped for coffee on the way home. There was a demo again on 25 mayo and we had to skirt around it to get to Congresso, but once there we happily sat drinking coffee watching all the collectivos flying by.

By the time we had eaten and Viv decided to do the afters it was gone eleven. She broke out the enselada fruta, bad news, it had banana in it. Too late for me to get anything else. So I just had to go without, I will make up for it tomorrow.



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