Viv says I write too much. So I will try and keep it short. I spent the morning doing things that need doing around the flat then we went off to Nuevo Chique.

It has to be the best milonga for us. Viv never missed a tanda. I sat out a few trying to pace myself, but we had to be out early.

We got back and dumped our things, and Viv had to change then we set off for the heledria. We got there just before eight and realised we were too early. We sat outside then thought, we could not sit there for half an hour, so we came back and tried again in half an hour.

The guy was very chatty, it all helps my Spanish. We could not stay all night though we were off to Philippes. It was great to get together again with Philippe, Mariela, and Luba.

I am afraid though we struggle with the Argentine late nights, so we left our amigos just after midnight, slightly the worse for a drink or two. Tired but happy.




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3 responses to “Amigos

  1. Ah I see, you were bringing the pudding. Mind you, those polystyrene takeaway tubs are pretty thick, should be good for an hour or two.

    How long do you have to be in Buenos Aires for before adopting Porteño timekeeping habits I wonder? Still, they’re pretty punctual in comparison with SE Asians.

  2. tangobob

    It is just a habit, we are early for everything. We were on our way to Philippe for a meal and it is only four blocks away. I did not want the Ice Cream to melt, so we decided to come back later. Thanks for the vote of confidence, by the way.

  3. Hi Bob,

    I think in this case you can ignore Viv’s instruction to be briefer. I want the full story! Like in this case, why were you too early at the heladeria? I used to go to one on the corner of Corrientes and Gascon (I think) for eat-in occasionally, but mostly takeaway, 1 or 2 kg at a time. Sitting inside or out to munch a scoop or two and do some people watching was never a problem.

    I’m enjoying reading about your exploits and getting my vicarious BA fix through you. Keep up the good work 🙂


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