All Related someway

Philippe turned up this morning. He said he had mailed me, but the email here is slower than the surface mail. Still we were glad to see him and fuelled him up with coffee. He is working hard for us to get an internet connection. He thinks we finally have success but we will have no phone. That is OK I have a mobile so all should be well.

I got Sebastian to accept the expensas, but he complained bitterly and made it clear he would not continue. I re-mailed the administrator, we will speak on 25 when ther is a concorcio meeting.

Off to Canning again today. The walk down is enjoyable and we stop at the Ice Cream shop to see what time it closes. “Eleven” he said, “and tomorrow” “every day” he said as if that is quite normal. Well maybe it is here, but it seems strange to us coming from a cold climate.

Canning was very quiet when we arrived. I was sat in the same hidden seat. Things were fine at first but as it got busier I found it increasingly difficult to get dances. Note to self, sit somewhere else next time.

Maria and Gustavo arrived and we exchanged greetings, just before we left. Nothing personal, we had had enough by then.

I stopped to talk to Mario (The DJ) I asked him if Roberto (Organiser at Fulgor) was his brother, he seemed taken aback. “No he is my Cousin” He said. It does seem that all the milongas are related in some way. Typically halfway through he tried to sell me some of his CDs. He does this every time I talk to him. I give up telling him that I have over 170 hours of tango music, the last thing I need is another compilation of favourites.

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