More bill problems

I am reading Jack Reacher books at the moment, they fill in my quiet time. For those who do not know, Jack Reacher was an ex military police Major who now wanders around his own country, the country he has never seen or lived in. He does not want a house or any ties, you spend too much time on maintenance and bills. I am starting to get very sympathetic to his attitude.

I went to Banco Sandander this morning to pay the expensas. Why I can no longer pay them here I do not know. I walked in and it is nothing like banks at home. I had to pass a guard “quiro pajar mis expensas, pero no se como” I said. He just pointed me at the information desk. The girl was busy dealing with a woman who had a problem with her aunts account, and it was not going well. In the twenty minutes I stood there numerous people passed and did something with a touch screen by the counter.

When  eventually I got to speak with the girl, she patiently took me to said screen and entered, that I was not a Santander customer and that I wanted to pay a bill. Then she pointed me toward some chairs to wait. There were numbers on a TV screen alongside Santander advertisements and miscellaneous other short items.

I sat there for an hour, when my number came up, the guy said he could not take more than $1000, my bill was $1263. The only option was the Caja Automatico. I hate those machines, or should I say they hate me. If I cannot use them at home in my own language, then I stand no chance here in Argentina, especially when I do not have an account number. I gave up and went to the Pajo facil to pay the phone bill.

I have a back up plan, I have written to the administrators, if they want paying they will have to respond. Although knowing this place they just might not be bothered.

We went to Nuevo chique again. I enjoy it here and I get some of my best dances. Jong was here and danced a couple of tandas with Viv. He was trying to get her to go to another milonga with him. Seems he is not keen on this one. What I think he fails to understand is that, where as he can get plenty of dances it is more difficult for the ladies. We are known here and Viv gets dances, that is important to us.

Marcela was not here today and we were given our seats by a new host. She put Viv in a seat that is usually someone else’s. The lady jumped into Viv’s seat while she was dancing, Viv was not happy and thought it extremely rude. I have seen this a few times here and at home, come to that. Can people not just sit somewhere else for one night?

We had an invite over to Pericles home for a drink. We spent some time just chatting  and then he walked us back, he says he likes an evening walk.

We stopped of at Cresta for something to eat. Stuart is no longer there, he is starting another in San Telmo. I am afraid it is just not the same without him, although the food is still good, the service is just too slow.

Good news though; There was an email for me at home, the administrator responded and I can still pay the expensas to Sebastian.


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