The women are revolting

Philippe came around today. We cannot keep the phone and internet in his name, but the company will not transfer it to me without DNI. Things are getting awkward. Still we spent a couple of pleasant hours and had some excellent media lunas, before he vanished like a phantom in the night. (Imagine the French accent and Michel of the resistance)

We went back to plaza Bohemia again. We are getting known and were welcomed by Gabriella. In truth we have been welcomed by her since the Miapu 444 days way back in 2008. We sat seperado and soon I was up dancing. Many of the ladies here I know so I have little problem but Viv was not getting any dances. I find it hard to understand as we have been coming here a while, she is a great dancer and, in my opinion, the best looker in the room. I tried to dance with her when I could, but it makes it more difficult for her to get dances.

After we left we stopped  off at the toilets. Viv was in there longer than I expected. The exit from the milonga opens out into a closed courtyard where people come to smoke or just get some air. Along the wall is a row of high windows between the courtyard and the ladies. I could hear a lot of noise coming from in there, according to Viv all the women were in there complaining about the men. They only dance with the women that they know and even when those women are all dancing the men will not get up. They are all lazy they say,Well at least I have earned some brownie points.



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2 responses to “The women are revolting

  1. tangobob

    That’s the problem with the English language. It’s an old joke “Warden, the prisoners are revolting. Yes I cannot get them to wash”

  2. Brigid

    I panicked when I saw the title of this piece. I thought “oh! Lord, he shouldn’t say that. Is he mad”. What a relief when I got to the end and realised that you were using ‘revolting ‘ as a verb and not an adjective!

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