£5 worth of beef

We needed a bit of shopping today, it always seems to take an age here. We stopped off at the almacen for some meat on the way back. Two steaks for tomorrow, and half a kilo of picada, that’s minced beef to you. Set me back just under a fiver, for enough for four meals.

I sent a message to Pericles asking if we could meat. I just cannot get that bargain beef out of my head. Meet, I meant meet.

We went to El Arranque again today. I have no idea why, but after last week when Viv never missed a tanda, she just could not get dances. There is some strange logic at work here, damned if I can work it out. Our waiter was not there to seat us, so perhaps where Viv sat had an effect, who knows?

Some of my lady friend’s are now starting to appear. Gilda was there today, she may have mad hair, but she is a joy to dance with. I told her “ahora estoy feliz, baile con Gilda” She liked that.

We did not stay late, when Viv is not happy it is time to leave. We stopped off for a coffee on the way back, the waiter asked “solo o con medialunas?” Viv said solo but I was getting hungry. Viv was not going to be out done so she said “con” as well. The waiter by now was confused and just brought a basket for me. Well there was two in there so she took one. Just as well really, they were not the best we ever had.

Stopped off for a bottle of Quilmes stout to have with our pasta and picada. A perfect evening on the balcony again.


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