Lunch on the Balcony

Viv was worried about the security in Paris after the attacks there, so we debated long and hard about what we could bring. Strictly speaking paint is prohibited in the hold as are thinners. You just cannot get Finnigan’s paint here so bringing that was a must. Brushes are the same here as anywhere, you can get cheap throw away ones, but no way can you get Hammerite thinners. So we left the thinners at home and decided to throw the brushes. We risked the paint, after all we brought some last time as well. We had no problems getting here in the end so I was all set to do the balcony again.

Today is supposed to be a rest day. In Viv’s eyes that means no tango, not no work. So I started early to avoid the main heat of the sun. It was still in my eyes though as I tried to paint under the rails. Halfway through Sebastian buzzed me, he said Easy were here with a package. So I dropped everything and went downstairs for our table set.

When the painting was finished I assembled the table and took the chairs out of their packaging.  We had no need to worry, it fits fine on the balcony. Cue lunch in the sun, now it feels like we are on holiday.

Tonight we are off to 1810 for some country food. We are again shocked at the prices, they seem to increase in leaps, still not expensive in British terms, but it is starting to get close. I love the food here, for a country that loves luke warm and bland it is a complete change. They serve us bread to start with a salsa picante that really means business, still they always seem surprised when we finish the lot off. Then the empanadas (picante of course) will blow your socks off. Viv had lentejas and I had the carbonada (always the same, boring aren’t we?) the bowls were sizzling hot. We had to wait for them to stop boiling before we could start.

We never have postres here, but we headed up to Gascon y Cordoba for some ice cream. The guy was very patient while we decided which flavours to have, well it is an important decision. We sat there eating a veritable mountain each, then boringly as we are, off to bed.


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