Lo me vuelva loco

Just when you think you have it sussed, they change the rules or you find there is a rule you missed.

Off to the Coreo to pay some bills, the gas bill at $22 is just not worth worrying about but the Rentas (City Tax) is a bit more. It is more convenient to pay it all up front, especially as I am not here to pay it monthly. But I missed something, the last date I can pay up front was yesterday, so now I have a new problem.

We finally decided on the rattan seats from Easy, just hoping that the balcony is big enough for the table. We got there tried it out and discovered that this table does not fold, another issue, but we decided to go for it anyway. The sign said ask at customer services so we did. The girl got on her walky talky and we waited twenty minutes for someone to come. She went back to the table took the label off the top and came back. Then she charged off again passed the table (Where we decided to sit it out) and downstairs to the car park and presumable some sort of store. Another long wait then she came back to the service desk and filled in a load of paper work. She was having problems with the address, on her computer it said “Entre Corrientes y Humahuaca” This was clearly wrong as that is the next block. She re entered it same result, so she left it be. “Passport” as always then a load of paperwork and we must pay at the cash tills, so I went for a paint brush first and as always there was a queue. After we had paid we had to go back to the service desk to confirm we had paid and then confirm our address again. Total two and a half hours to buy a garden table and chairs, is it any wonder that the country is bankrupt?

Off to Nuevo Chique again, we have never been on a Thursday before, so as Thursday Fulgor is no more, it is time to try something new. It is Marcela’s birthday tomorrow so it also gives me a chance to wish her Feliz Cumple.

It was fairly quiet when we arrived, but we had no problems getting dances. I danced my socks off until about seven then I hit the wall. Viv was still dancing though so I just had to rest until she had enough. It was not long coming we have not reached our Buenos Aires fitness level yet and all the traipsing to Easy has not helped.

All in all though a fantastic evening and re-acquainted with too many old friends to name as we come to the end of our first week here.



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