Matinee at Canning

We took a trip to Easy, still looking for some seats for the balcony. Wandering around we found nothing that took our fancy. So we left, but on the way out we saw some more stuff displayed after the exit. There was a very nice set, steel chairs with rattan seats, very comfortable. The only problem was we do not want the table, so we moved on.

We finished up at Coto. They have all the same rubbish there including the Rattan set, but this one had a bigger table, so we dismissed that. Think we will have to go back to Easy.

Of to Canning today for the matinee. We were sat in the usual places, I could not cabeceo more than a few tables and Viv was left isolated. Because there was such an imbalance I did manage to dance most tandas, but Viv was in a dance desert. I danced three tandas with her but she only got two others. One lady said that more men come in at seven and sure enough things improved from then.

A few ladies remembered me from last year, but the best comment I got was from one lady who said I danced like a Porteño “You have rhythm” she said. Well I will sleep happy tonight, my ego boosted.


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