No hay luz

It is not the of thing you notice whilst in bed. I did not even notice when I got up, but then there was yesterdays post; “Publication Failed” It made no sense so I tried again then it gave me “Publication failed, no connection”. I immediately thought “More internet trouble, but my computer also blinked at me 75% battery. I still did not get it, I checked to see if it was plugged in. Then slowly It dawned on me, the electric was off.

Viv was up “Put the kettle on” her usual rallying cry. “Can’t do it” was my reply. So we had a frantic search for matches to light the cooker, so that we could have some hot water. We had porridge from the pan and then set out for Jumbo.

The stairs down run through the centre of the building, so we are reliant on emergency lights. The electricity must have been off for some time, one light was already out and the others did not look too good either.

We wandered around Jumbo, somehow never quite getting what we wanted. We just managed a few essentials. We came back and got some steak for tea from the Almacen and some salad to go with it. Back at the building and still no power.

The stairwell was now in almost complete darkness, just a thin shaft of light from the roof door which was jammed open and almost nothing from the front. I arranged all the candles we have around the room and placed the matches where I can find then easily. It would be dark when we return so we need to be ready.

I was bearing myself up for a cold shower and hoping that the water tank has not been too depleted. First though I decided to go out, get some more candles and possibly a torch. The local Chino had shut up shop, no lights, no fridges, no tills. So I wandered around knowing this was isolated to perhaps four blocks. Sure enough I found another chino, it took me a while to find the candles though. First mission accomplished.

There is a ferreteria on the next block. The lights were on but the owner was standing outside staring across at our block. “Tienes litaras” I asked “Si” he said and waved at a whole line of torches hung up high where I never would have looked. “Vives aca” he asked I affirmed that I lived there and he said that he did too. So that is why he was outside staring at our block.

I returned with my torch and candles and we had a light lunch trying to not get too hot. Sod’s law should not be taken lightly, when I had no candles and no torch, we had no electric. Now I had both and the power came on at three, just in time for our showers.

Our first visit to Nuevo Chique went pretty well, we met Dany on the stairs and exchanged greetings. Then we were welcomed like long lost friends by Marcela, Vicky meanwhile was her usual self. Still I had some good dances and met up with Michel again.

I don’t know whether it is lack of stamina or the thought of that steak but we were ready to go at seven thirty. Away in our 151 and back home by eight thirty. We bought an onion on the way home to fry with the steak. It was big juicy tender and delicious, beat that for about £2.


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