If you could see

For those of you familiar with George Formby, cleaning windows in Buenos Aires is nothing like the song. You see we are three floors up, you just cannot do it off a ladder and any scaffold would get knocked down by the crazy traffic. The answer is to lift each window out and wash it in the bath. A laborious process as cloths have to be put under the window each time to preserve the enamel. Still it did not take me as long this time, as it is only nine months since I last did them.

Our old venue for a Monday is no more, but Gabriela and her crew have moved en block  to Plaza Bohemia. There is no Obalisco on a Monday now. Time to take our trusted 168 collective again. Not so far this time, second stop on Alsina, but it was still hot and sticky on there.

The place was almost empty when we arrived and I wondered how we  get along. As there was no one to dance with I danced the first tanda with Viv. Fortunately a few more came in while we danced. It worked out great for Viv, as more people came in they got her up to dance and she never missed a tanda. At one point everyone was dancing except those without partners, unusually there were three extra men.

A group of ladies I know were sat on the next table to me and there were also a lot of new faces willing to dance with me. By the 7 0’clock sorteo Viv was ready to go. The  tanda before was Pugliese and I sat it out.  I wanted to do a last tanda but Viv had changed her shoes, Shame, it was Biagi. A last tanda together to Biagi would have made the night perfect.

There is a couple we see in El Arranque and they were here as well. What they dance could not be called pure tango and they are jigging about in every Cortina. If you see me laughing at them, do not get the wrong idea, they are awesome, not only do they make me smile, but they do not care what anyone thinks. They are just having a great time. If only every one was like them (me included).

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