Fulgor with friends

Still not doing a lot with our days. I tried and failed to repair the cold tap in the bathroom, and finally fitted the lock on the patio door. You would think that as they are so security mad here I would be able to get a lock here, but no,so it had to wait for me to get one at home and bring my drill.

Viv has been busy, but I never quite understand why she does so much, still the place is looking good and we are settled much quicker this time.

I got a message from Michel, who wanted to meet up tonight. Now as many of you know, I love Fulgor, but I fully realize it is not everyone’s cup of tea, so I had my doubts.

When we arrived I was smothered in kisses and never really had a chance to look around. Just as I was about to sit Michel came over and we said hello. He had Dora with him. Dora is a local lady who I have danced with in El Arranque and we had a long conversation about apartments, utilities and the governance hereabouts.

When Mariana saw us together she put two tables together for us and we all sat there like royalty. My doubts were proven false, Michel loved Fulgor and the addition of Dora meant we had some great dances. He even danced with some of the old dears, I think they loved him.

We danced until there was no one left. Funny how the aches and pains disappear when you are in good company. I even enjoyed  the walk home although I could not make up my mind whether to put my jacket on or not. It was just too warm but walking home in the dark without it just did not feel right.

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