Preparing for the off

So another year has passed, and I am finally putting out luggage together. There are many things on our list from last year, that are hard to come by in Buenos Aires, or that we have in abundance here. Tools are one case in point; over the years I have accumulated so many that it would be pure madness to buy more. we will have to watch the weight though.

I wonder what will lie ahead for us now; There is a new government in Argentina and already the currency has devalued to the old “Blue Rate”. To give you some idea, last year the official rate gave us $12.5 to the pound. As of now it stands at just below 20. This sounds good until you consider that most of our money is already over here.

We expect everything to have gone up again. No doubt our first shock will be the drive from the airport. The next shock will no doubt be the entradas. I see from Jantango that some are up to $100, although this is only about £5 it represents a ten fold increase in the time we have been going.

I worry about the cost, not just for myself, but because it drives away the locals and those on fixed incomes. That said the same is happening here at home and while inflation here is virtually zero the price of a milonga here has gone up steadily from the £5 it was just a few years ago.

Home and away, tango must not become a cash cow and drive away the very people who give it its soul.

Enough of my worries, it is time to go and pack, next time you hear from me will be from Buenos Aires.



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