Writers Block

I am sorry, but you have not heard much from me lately. I think that I have had, what they call writers block.

As many of you know my life has undergone a big change over the last two years. When I first finished work there was a lot for me to write; Firstly there was our walk across Spain, then there was our four months in Argentina. Now my life has settled into somewhat of a routine (something that could not have happened while I worked shifts) I have become somewhat less curmudgeonly and there is less to moan about.

Never the less it seems some of you miss my ramblings and so I think that it is about time I resumed.

Those times I have DJ-ed for others have gone well, although I still get the usual complaints. The point is, if you have DJ Bob, then you know what you are getting. If part way through a night I started putting alternative music on, then those who follow me because they like traditional tango will think that I have lost it. I am afraid that if you want to dance to pop music, blues or anything that is not good tango music, then find another DJ.

I did have a discussion about a certain Dutch lady. Now I have filled my cortinas at times, with Caro Emerald and it went down very well. There is however a track of hers “Tangled Up” (Do look it up on YouTube if you do not know it) which I have been asked to play.  It is actually good tango, it fits all the  rules, and it dances well, but, I do not play it. There is a simple reason for this, it just does not fit into a tanda. I long to play it one day, if only to appease those who still do not get it. So if anyone has suggestions as to what will fit I am always open. (It has to be tango though, not just some four, four piece that somehow you could dance to).

Until then I will stick to the Golden age greats, with a few modern orquestas who emulate them, and hope that perhaps, one day the so called Nuevos here will realize that Argentine tango is just that and stop trying to make it some sort of later day disco.



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2 responses to “Writers Block

  1. Irene

    I forgot to say how great it is to, once again read your blog . I am looking forward to hearing more news from you when you are settled back in Buenos Aires.


  2. Irene

    Happy Birthday Rob. Have a brilliant day celebrating with Viv. Look forward to seeing you both soon. Love and Best Wishes, Irene and Philip. Xxx

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