Real Ale?

I had a last-minute invite to go out with some of my old colleagues, not wanting to miss a chance to catch up I did some rearranging and set off to meet them. John was already walking so I jumped on the bus and met him half way.

It turns out Adie has started a brewery and he wanted us to try his new beers. (What has this got to do with Tango? I hear you ask, patience my friends, all will become clear).

Now real ale is a funny thing, it has to be served at just the right time, so in both the pubs we tried, the old guest beers were still on and Adie’s beer was not yet being served. This did not stop us sampling all the beer that was on offer though.

Now many who know me, know I like my beer filtered to death clear and sugar sweet. My taste in beer is enough to drive Real Ale drinkers to mad bouts of lecturing on why I am so wrong in my taste.

It was during one of these bouts that it came to me; Real Ale is just like Tango. Do you like your dancing sanitized? Saccharine sweet and polished? The beer I drink is Strictly Come Dancing and I now see the Real Ale drinkers point. DiSarli and D’Arienzo are the true real  Ales of tango. I now, perhaps will have a more sympathetic ear for those who only know a televised version of Tango, at least I can understand where they are coming from.

I may be a real tango buff, but I still like my beer factory made.

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