Like falling off a bike

Or was that just like riding a bike? I can never remember.

We returned to our first sequence dance tonight. I had no trouble remembering the dances. That was the easy bit. The hard part was not kissing everyone. The great British stiffness is always in evidence here. You may shake hands, at a safe distance, of course. You may, if you know them really well, kiss the wives, but kiss a man, and you are going to get into a fight.

So once we started dancing it was just like riding a bike, once you are in the saddle, it all comes naturally. The first dance we ever learned was the Waltz Kathrin, so you would think that would be easy, but that was the only one where I went wrong.

Another thing it was hard to cope with was the fall in numbers. Ewloe has always been an older crowd, but we were shocked at how many have died since we left in November. Bruce had fallen off a ladder and ended up in hospital, I said it was better than falling off his perch, not realising at the time how many had.  Then there was Ron, we missed his 90th birthday, in January, and I still say he does not look a day over 89.

So I say goodbye to some old friends, in no particular order, Derrick, Eric, and Dave.


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