A Wonderful last night

The complete absence of the noisy colectivos meant we had a good nights sleep, but then we did not get up until after midday. Another day gone but at least we are well rested.

We walked towards Corrientes, but as we got to Humahuaca we saw a taxi and it was free, so we hailed it and jumped in. He chose a strange route (to my thinking) but it was no less direct than I would have gone. The difference was we encountered no traffic. We had allowed plenty of time, so now we were early. We arrived at ten past four and it only cost me $40 or about £2.

There were few there, but it did mean I had less problems with the cabeceo. Viv meanwhile danced every tanda. We had a really good night. There was only one blight on it for me, non of my favourite ladies arrived, so I got no chance to say goodbye to Graciela.

The last tanda we did Viv was dancing with Jong and I was dancing with an Italian lady.  Jong stopped me in between tunes to say I should be dancing the last tanda with Viv. It is not as if we will not be dancing together again but he seemed quite put out that we were not dancing together. The Italian lady with me said “Is he a little drunk” as I led her off the floor after our dance I said “Can I give you a little advice?” trying my best to sound very earnest. Then I said “Never go to a Korean Doctor”

Well, it may have been quiet but we enjoyed it and I think those who thought it would be closed did us a favour by keeping the numbers down. Shame about the missing ladies, but I will see them next year.

After saying goodbye to Marcela and Dany we walked off toward Callao. At Callao and Corrientes we stopped off at La Opera for our last meal here. Somehow it did not live up to what I had expected. (What did I Expect? I really do not know). Still we left satisfied and full of cerveza negra.

We cheated again and walked to Tucuman, there we found a taxi straight away that took us almost to our door, for another £2.


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