Not a dry Eye in the house.

Unusually I did not check the map before we left. We were going to Kym’s for asado and he said he overlooked 1863. No problem, just halfway to Fulgor. As soon as we crossed Estado de Israel I realised that there was a problem, the numbers here were in the 600s Kym’s address was 1971. Even when we started walking towards 1863 I realised we were going the wrong way. It was in the opposite direction by quite some way.

It had taken us three-quarters of an hour to reach Julien Alverez and Cordoba, a journey of normally ten minutes. It was here, that it finally dawned on us, Kym overlooked 1810, not 1863. An easy mistake to make, but it had cost us a good long walk and demonstrates the lunacy of naming everything after dates.

When we arrived there were 9 floors, four flats to a floor. It was a good job I had my phone with me. I texted him and after a short while he appeared. He said as he was on the roof so there was little point in ringing the flat.

He had done a sterling job with the food, sorry though I think that the argies do it better. Viv prepared a salad and the Dutch guy Boris cleaned the pool, Kym cooked the meat, that left me with the important job of drinking the beer and trying to converse with the two Argentines. When we had enough food we all sat around with our feet in the pool cooling off.

There were some girls on a balcony that we could see and the guys were all enjoying waving to them. Viv decided that we (she) would be cramping their style so we decided it was time to leave.

After all that wine and beer I needed a sleep, only an hour but it set me up well for the night.

The walk to Fulgor seemed longer tonight. Was it because we had dine it once today? or was it because it would be our last time?

The music was in full swing when we arrived, and the welcome kisses seemed somehow more loving tonight. As is our way, when it is our last visit we danced everything, even the cumbia. I think we impressed some of the locals with our Cha Cha especially Viv’s fast turn, I don’t think they had seen anything like it.

They had two sorteos, there was a range of presents from Roberto, and Viv got a studded pin which she says will go great with her scarf here. When it was presented Ruben announced that it was our last visit this year and that we were going home to Gales. He also made some remarks about us being fanatics and among their best customers. Then they had a second sorteo and we got a free beer. Mariana also brought us a champagne each. I was having trouble standing by the time we left.

People left in dribs after about ten, so I did not have the emotional strain of saying goodbye to everyone at once. When it was time to go though, I still found it a strain. I made a point of telling Ruben we missed Roberto and everyone said that they would miss us. I guess there was not a dry eye in the house.


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