Our Last Saturday

I got up late again, but Viv was fast asleep. I decided it was best to let her lie, but she did not thank me when she finally got up. Just shows, you can never win.

We trailed off to El Arranque for our final visit. A good job I am seeing many of the ladies again at Obalisco and Chique, or the emotion would have been too much. Again there was a different crowd there, all these weekends off bring in the punters.

It was hard at times to see any of the ladies I wanted to cabeceo, but usually after a few had got up I got my chance. At the end of the evening I got to thank Erwin and the guy on the till. (still don’t Know his name) I said goodbye to Horacio (the waiter) and that was it no more El Arranque for another year.

We finally got to try the Chinese on Corrientes, sort of a leaving treat. The food was excellent, but the service was abysmal. We got spring rolls and no plates to eat them off. The sauce was late so that we had started before we got it.

We had a plate of noodles and a plate of spicy chicken, again no plates, so I had to ask. We also got no serving spoons and the pan chino was different again, this time it was steamed, we got a huge plateful though.

At just after ten the subte was shut. I am sure it used to run until ten thirty. Perhaps they misunderstood the petition to keep it open later. Ah well after all that food, a walk is just the medicine.


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