Customer service

Viv went off to the Spanish school for her Yoga, leaving me alone. It has gone cooler so I decided to put trousers on again, after living in shorts for four months. I thought the belt seemed tight so I decided to walk to meet her. We intended meeting so that I could say goodbye at the school and then we could go and look for some CDs.

At the school we said our goodbyes and then left, with not a wet eye in the house. Well what did you expect, tears? Viv will miss the yoga though.

We walked up to Callao and along to Zivals. I had a long list of tracks that I am looking for, and I am afraid Zivals fell well short. We only bought one CD. There was a small shop back along Callao where we could get a Coffee and browse the music. It was much further on than I had thought and we were almost back to where we had joined Callao. I knew it was the right place, it still had the old sign outside, saying books and records, but it had been gutted, and was now just a restaurant.

Still thirsty we backtracked again and found a small bar with wooden walls, but playing some excellent music. A good place to stop for a coffee and medialuna. Unfortunately they had non but the lady ran off to the panederia to get us some. Not bad , good coffee, medialunas and good music, and half the price of Naranjo.  So I left a 20% tip, well it would have been 10% at our local, so we were still in Credit.

Now we had exhausted the interesting shops It was time to be serious and we headed off to Euro Records. When we got there we found it had moved, but only one block, It just meant we had to backtrack again.

The new place looked just like the old, except Viv noticed that one of the cases was on the opposite wall. I told the guy what I wanted and he found me a CD. Then I told him the next and again he found me another, then he took my list and before long I had eight CDs in my hands. Unfortunately one of them was full of tracks I already had but we were happy with seven. The service was second to non and he threw in a poster as a gift. I don’t suppose he gets many coming here for seven CDs.

We left happy and continued up Lavalle. As we came out of the door there was a taxi passing, the driver leaning out of the window. When we got to Pueyrredon we crossed in front of the same taxi. Despite Viv wanting to look in every shop and even myself looking in the odd one, we had covered six blocks in less time than a taxi. Why anyone would bother driving here is a mystery to me.

When we got to Abasto, Viv wanted to go into Coto. I protested, but said she wanted Greek style yogurt and they only have it here. “Probably not today”  said I, and I was right. Not to be outdone she bought some yogurt anyway.

We got to the checkout and, you guessed it, queues. I fell in behind someone with a trolley full, but Viv looked down the other tills. Over here she said, there was a quick till almost empty. Then the girl said she was closed. How long would it take her to check out a pot of yogurt? but no, no service here. We fell in again at the next till, behind a mountain of shopping, then the other till was open again with three customers. It was too much for me I put the yogurt down and walked out. Viv wanted to put it back on the shelf, but I would not let her, they had their chance and I got my way. We bought yogurt from the chino, no queue, no waiting, customer service.

See that is what brings people back.


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