Wednesday Finally Cracked

It was a dull miserable day when we awoke, not at all what we have come to expect and 18 degrees outside. Then it started raining, not the usual torrents we have here but genuine drizzle.  I went to the kiosco to top up my phone, then the fish shop for some gambas, as Viv wanted to make a risotto later.

There was not a lot to do today so we headed over to Naranjo y Flor for some Jugo. As we were sitting inside we decided to try something different and what looked like custard slice. Big mistake, it was not custard slice and neither of us is really sure what it was, Viv recons it was cheese cake, maybe, but dried up cheesecake if it was. Perhaps we should stick to the tarta manzana next time.

I think we finally have Wednesdays cracked, it has taken four months and numerous false starts, and it was our last chance. We decided to go to Salon Canning at four thirty, not long after it was open. There were not many people in there, so it made cabeceo easy although there were few people we knew. For the first two hours Viv did not miss a tanda, but after the first hour I was starting to find it difficult.

That said I did not miss until about seven o’clock. Then I ran out of ladies that I could see that were going to dance with me. I missed two tandas, but still danced the milonga with Viv. I got a couple more, but by now it was a real struggle to see through the crowds and execute a cabeceo. I was missing tandas and very soon Viv had enough as well.

So it was time to head for home  and that risotto. All in all it was our best Wednesday so far, two and a half hours good dancing will do. We could have stayed longer, and certainly we saw some new men for Viv as we walked out, but no point in pushing your luck. Tomorrow is another day.


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