Something in the air

Saturday so it is El Arranque again. I am still amazed at the amount of back-steps people take here. I was always taught never to step back in a milonga, because you cannot see behind you.

There is a little lady with mad hair, I now know her as Gilda . We were dancing quite happily when some guy took three big back-steps and nearly flattened us. Poor Gilda got a heel on her foot. The guy apologised, then continued doing back-steps around the room. It is a constant problem here and I have learned many of the men to avoid.

We passed nearly four hours here tonight and danced for pretty much all of it. Viv could not be bothered with the chacarera so I got Graciela up. Unknown to me she had never done it before. So there was I teaching a porteña how to do their folk dance. Fortunately her sister was alongside also shouting instructions, so it went reasonably well. We did a Paso Doble as well, to much shouting ole!

Something else I discovered as well; Graciela’s sister talks the same unintelligible machine gun Spanish as she does. I danced with her and she also talked all the way through, and I did not understand a word of what she said either.

After four hours we had had enough so we took the subte home. Some woman came on the train shouting into her mobile, obviously there was a relationship ending here, but she was having a screaming fit. Nobody wanted to be anywhere near her. Viv and I both wondered what it is about people today that they have to wash their dirty linen in public. Why end a relationship via a mobile network and on a crowded train?

There is something in the air tonight, there seemed to be more than the usual amount of people in strange attire milling about. Talking of milling why do people choose to mill around just where the pavement is narrowest. We came out of Medrano station and the pavements are all dug up for the new electric cables. There is a gap barely big enough for one person, and some dear person decided to stop in the middle for a chat. There was a train load of people trying to exit here, because apart from the road works the escalator on Corrientes was again not working.

There are times, I think, when murder is quite justified.




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