Great night at Fulgor

A strange sort of day, we spent most of it wandering around the shops. The verduria, then Petish for some new bowls, then the almacen, it just went on.

Our toaster is looking tired and I fear it will not last too long, also I would like some cheese on toast, impossible in a toaster. So I had the idea that we would get one of those little oven things they have everywhere here. So having failed to see anything suitable I agreed to accompany Viv to Coto. They have some very cheep ones there but all have the same problem, they are ovens. You can, with many turn the bottom heat off, but the top is not a full radiant. I thought about modifying one, but Viv is not in agreement. So we are stuck.

At least I now know why the Pizzas here are not to our taste, they do not have full radiant grills here.

Well Viv got what she wanted from Coto, but I would not let her buy the eggs. I knew the price in the Chino and they were $2 cheaper for half a dozen. At the chino I bought some eggs then showed her the prices of the other items she had bought. The only reason to go to Coto was the Greek yogurt and they had non in stock. I think I am winning on this one.

Fulgor is always ready with a surprise. Tonight the numbers were up and, I am convinced, someone had given Ruben a new playlist, because the music was far better. There was couple from Canada there, well two halves of two couples anyway. While I was talking to them Viv was up doing the cumbia with some local.

I got my revenge, I danced with the Canadian lady, who despite having had only one lesson, did rather well. Normally we are out of there by quarter to eleven, on a Thursday. We stayed a good hour longer tonight and Marian had to come and chase me for the bill. Definitely a first.


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  1. Lisa

    Thanks for the early vote of confidence Tango Bob. It was wonderful to meet the Blog famed Tango Bob and Viv, who are clearly locals when it comes to the Tango.


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