For the best food, go to the old lady

I was dreading the next electric bill, after all we have used the air con almost non stop this last month. It came through the door this morning  and there it was our bill two months with full use of the air con $32.85 a little over £1.50. You just can’t figure it.

We spent the morning sitting in the sun, but had to come inside every so often just to dry off the sweat. The forecast said 27 deg but it was much hotter in the sun.

We took the subte to Obalisco again, it is so much easier even though we have to change twice. This time however we were left waiting in Jujuy station for quite some time. I don’t know what happened but three trains passed in the opposite direction while we waited, still the whole journey from our flat to Obalisco only took forty minutes, we have waited longer for a colectivo.

It looked a whole different crowd again and we both had some difficulties getting dances. It was not one of our worst nights by any means, but Viv looses patience easily these days. Still we stopped for the sorteo which we did not win then took the 151 home.

We went up washed up and headed out again. There is a confiteria on Gascon but when we got there it looked like the fine food we had before was just a breakfast menu so we walked back down Humahuaca in the hope of finding a Chilean restaurant. we found it, but it was not yet open. We knew that Imaginario would not be open Monday or the place with the two surly girls so we headed for Guarda la Vieja.

We were determined not to have empanadas again so we searched the menu. We saw Bondalinas de Teriyaki and asked the waiter what it was he said “Carne” then said “Cerdo”. So that was it then Stout and Bondalinas.

Well we have had some expensive meals, some rubbish meals and some good meals, but this was the best we have yet had and the whole lot with drinks and tip $240 or £12 for those who have not been paying attention. I just don’t know why we ever try anywhere else.



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2 responses to “For the best food, go to the old lady

  1. tangobob

    We know this but the bar is Called Guarda la Vieja. It is a play on words of the Name of the street, Like “Yo Lola” on Layola.

  2. jantango

    Guardia Vieja means old guard, not the old lady..
    Mi vieja means my old lady.

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