The leaves of brown came tumbling down, March

Well, I guess it just does not work in the southern hemisphere. Autumn is here by the looks of it, the leaves are everywhere, but somehow March is not as poetic as September.

Thought we would walk to Parque Centenario as it’s Sunday, but as usual we get distracted on the way. We found a big plant shop on Acuña and spent twenty minutes in there. Then we found some dumped plants on Sarmiento, it was tempting, but in the end we left them there.

A little further on we saw a little gem, the sort of thing that is rare here, but more common in the UK. A Fiat 500, that had been cut down and modified to make it an open top. The sills had been deepened and the structure altered quite considerably. The interior was fitted out with white leather and it had a fine metallic paint job. As we stood admiring it the owner arrived, with family and all four squeezed in. He told us he had done all the work himself and it was a 1975 chassis. before he left I told him that was the year we got married.

We wandered the feria but did not find anything we wanted so we went to  Trebol for a jugo and to sit in the sun. Then we went back to our wandering. I bought a plectrum from the guitar man and that was about it. We walked through the book feria then went to look for the toilets. (It’s an age thing). We sat for a while in the sun here then went for ice-cream. It is considerably cheaper here, but too far to carry back for our postre in the flat.

We had more distractions on the way back, we spent some time in the basket ware shop. Still looking for shade ideas, but Viv thinks it will not last with the weather. I stopped off to look at an apartment we nearly bought. One of the reasons for not buying was that it was noisy. What was I thinking? It is far more noisy here, but there you go, it was a lot smaller though.

Another Fulgor night and we are again tired. I think we need a siesta when we are out later although in past times this would not have been considered late. There were a lot of new faces tonight, I suppose this means things are looking up at last. We did not win the sorteo despite me filching two extra tickets when two people left. Still we danced for about two hours, then we had had enough. Early bed I think.


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