Friday in

I thought it was going to be a nothing sort of a day today, with Viv off to Yoga, but things never go quite according to plan here.

I was soon through my small jobs including another trip to Easy, and that was before her first Yoga session was over with. I had not booked the Asado so I would not be travelling with her to the school. Instead I went up the road to look in the plant shops while she was there. I was hoping to sort some shade out for the Balcony, but again nothing went to plan.

When I came out of the building I found my sun glasses were broken. I did harbour the idea that I could repair them, but I think it is terminal. The bright sunshine makes reading outside difficult, I foresee a trip back to Boots opticians when we get home.

When Viv was back we went out for a Jugo and then to the verduria for some more veg. I think the woman in there is now quite entertained by our antics. We then went off to find the fish shop. I am not keen but Viv really wanted some Salmon. We walked two blocks down Salguero sure that it was on the first. We did not see it, but instead we ended up in a very nice Almacen called El Blanqueta and we ended up with some lomo and crudo and some fruit for my breakfast.

On the way back we found the fish shop, of course it was closed, and that is why we had missed it. Apparently it opens again at five, you just can’t use logic here, it doesn’t work.

Vivs latest Idea is to eat in on Friday when we have the day free, not so sure myself, but at least, it gives me some guitar practice time and beer on the balcony.


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