Carolina, dresses from heaven

A few years ago we discovered a clothes shop on Lavalle and Paso, that has some lovely ladies clothes. I promised Viv something special for our Ruby wedding do so today we went back.

There is something about waiting around in a shop full of excited femails. You get something of the thrill in Comme Il Faut , but it is much better in a dress shop. They come running out of the changing rooms to look in the mirror all flouncy, and “look at me”. I must concentrate now on Vivs dress.  I loved the plunge front, but I suspected when she got it home she would find it too daring. So she went for another Cat Suit or Mono as they call it. It needs a small alteration so we pick it up on Tuesday. Everything is ita here, just heard a new one, the cat suit will take a semanita. I guess that is a little week.

They have a little dog that provided further entertainment. I am not sure if they appreciated me using him a s floor duster though.

We had spent some time here and the hour was gone for a shop we wanted to go to, so on the way back we stopped off at The Abasto for a frozen Yogurt.

Further up Corrientes on the corner of Billinghurst we discovered an Electrical shop. It is always this way. Everything we had searched for was here, they, had phones washing machines, even micro music systems. I have made a note now and if the shop still exists, we will make it our first stop next time.

I had to pop out again later to visit the shop we had missed. The two-hour siesta is not quite dead here, miss the two o’clock deadline and that is it until four.

The heat is finally getting to us and we felt drained in Fulgor. We are easy targets and again someone decided that we needed tango advice. We just have to take it and smile. No sorteo tonight but we got a free beer anyway.

We were about ready to go when the beer arrived, then they played Tango Negro. Exhausted we may be, but I just cannot resist that candombe beat, but for once we never finished a milonga Cortina. Time for bed.



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