Happy new Lavaropa

I hardly slept, I kept waking thinking that the washing machine had arrived, I did not want to miss the delivery men, Viv would never forgive me. In the end it did not come until 11:30. Meanwhile the boiler had developed problems. I found a receipt from when Philippe had the temperature sensors changed, when the boiler was only a year old. These things don’t normally fail so I stripped the boiler, gave it a good clean and tried to reset the thermistors. Turning the power off did nothing, but disconnecting them did. So after a couple of false starts the boiler is up and running like new again. They rang the door intercom and we managed to communicate, but when I got to the front door the men were gone. Fortunately they were just around the corner unloading the van. I Definitely want that guy on my side in a fight, he physically lifted the machine off the van and onto his trolley. I could hardly move it afterwards. I expected the men to charge me for the delivery, but they never did, so I gave them a good tip anyway. The old machine was big and bulky and stood out from the work surface, this one fits neatly underneath. So with the transit screws out and pipes all connected it was ready to go. In no time at all Viv had it loaded up and washing away. I does not take much to make her happy. So we left it to its devices and went to Naranjo for some Jugo. When we came back the washing was done and almost dry. works well and actually fits in the kitchen, what more can we ask? We have a yoga studio in our block now. Viv wanted to try to get a class there, so I emailed them. It seems that their website is not up to date, so we paid them a visit before we went out. She will now be having two Yoga classes on Friday, one here and one at the school. Wednesdays are not working out well, so we decided to return to Salon Canning and sit together. We had two and a half hours of good dancing. So we may stick with this plan. The organiser was there when we entered, he obviously did not remember us. The waiter however was right there and remembered us and what we drink. On our way home we decided to turn down Cabrera and then up Aroaz to see if Dr Masons was still there, it is, but has changed names. It is now Shanghai Nights or some such name. Viv wants to go there one night for old times sake, we will go but it is not Dr Masons any more and it was full of youngsters, we will have to go early to get some peace.


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