No numero, No compra.

The big day, we are off to get a washing machine. First though breakfast and a trip to the chino for supplies. Everything comes in small packets here so we are restocking almost every day, but at least, things do not have time to go bad.

We walked around to the shop and found the machine we wanted, but there was no one to serve us. A guy in a red shirt was checking stock so we asked him. He said no you need a guy in the white shirt. Viv found one hiding around the corner, so we collared him. We showed him the machine we wanted and said we want it “mañana por la mañana” everything was going well then he said “numero de documetario?”. We do not have DNI and I do not carry my passport everywhere with me, so I argued. We are paying cash, I don’t need cuotas, nothing helped. Without proof of who I am they will not sell me a washing machine. They say “money is king” not here it ain’t, I had rolls of money in my hands, but it cut no ice.

In the end we relented and went back for my passport. The affair was still not simple though. There were now two guys in the shop, but they would not serve me, we had to wait for the original guy. You simply would not believe how hard it is to buy a washing machine here.

After that Viv went off to Coto (she loves to shop, but I hate the place. Too many queues) and I went off to get my hair cut. There was a different guy this time and he was quite chatty. He could not understand though why I wanted to show him my passport. The conversation was useful, though perhaps, I could have saved money on Spanish lessons and just got my hair cut each week.

We went to Nuevo Chique again, difficult crowd tonight but we managed well enough. I kept telling my ladies about needing a passport to buy a washing machine. I still think it is crazy.

We took our 151 colectivo home and then went to the bar on the corner again, Imaginario, it is called. Almost the same meal, burger for me and omelette for Viv and a plate of patatas rusticos, but this time we had two litres of stout. Thirsty work all this buying things. Still it was only $255 or £12 to you at home.

We met a guy in the lift on the way back up. We have seen him before, not much of him and he is in a wheel chair, we found his name is Franco. He regularly has food delivered, so we often see him at the door. It takes some time to get to know your neighbours here, but we are getting there.

Early night, because we have no idea what time the washing machine will arrive in the morning, between 08:00 and 14:00 they said, so it will either be at 06:00 or 16:00. Time will tell.




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2 responses to “No numero, No compra.

  1. tangobob

    I do believe it is 50 years since they made machines to last 25 years. I just hope that if they need my name, the machine does not break down while we are not here.

  2. jantango

    I believe they ask for an ID so the receipt for the machine has your name on it for warranty purposes. When it breaks down within the warranty period, you can get repair service from the manufacturer. The new machines aren’t built to last 25 years like they used to make them.

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