As there was no Yoga on Friday, there was an extra class today. So while Viv was off to Yoga I had a visit from Mauricio.

I was also expecting Philippe, so we sat and talked for some time over coffee. After Mauricio had gone we finally got a call from Philippe just as we were about to go out. He was finally coming for his washing machine, but we were off to Obalisco. It was not a problem though as he still has his keys.

We took the subte this time. After last weeks debacle with the 168 colectivo, we did not want to spend hours waiting again. I had my map with me this time so we took the B line to Pueyrredon then the H line to Hmberto Primero and finally the E line to entre Rios. That got us to within two blocks, with no delays and moving at speed, with a seat on each train. This has to be the way to go.

Because we moved so fast we were early and there were few for us to dance with.  For some reason Viv always does better when there are fewer dancers, so that kept us happy.

I saw some old faces from the El Arranque Mondays, nice to catch up and dance. I danced with the Japanese lady who has just arrived on the scene. She is cute and quite funny, especially as she speaks almost no Spanish and even less English. She still managed to make me laugh. Unfortunately she always sits in the wrong place, in El Arranque she sat in the couples seats, so I never danced with her there. Even here she was sat with the touristas, but by now I knew she wanted to dance. I wish I could communicate with her, she is a lovely lady missing out on so many dances.

Graciela also makes me laugh. Her machine gun Spanish mostly goes over my head, but the laughter is infectious. I like to finish each dance bang on the last note and Graciela always says “Chin chang”. Now apparently “Chin Chan” is something to do with cards and “Chin chin” is a toast “Super chin” is a supermarket. There is a whole language of “Chin” which she was explaining to me. Unfortunately I have forgotten most of what she said. I struggle with Argentine Spanish, now I have been introduced to even more idiosyncrasies of the language. I will never catch up.

We stayed for the sorteo, I was not sure if my number was 696 or 969, but it never got called, so I was saved the embarrassment. They have a second sorteo where all the money collected is given out as prizes. Never won that either, time for home.

We have some very nice mince to have with baked potatoes, shame not to finish it off well. So we got off our 151 at Corrientes and stopped off at Farricci for some ice-cream to finish.

We got back and the washing machine has finally gone.



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