I’m back

Well after days of rebooting my computer, deleting files and old programs, I think we are up and running again. I don’t know how many days it has been, but I will try to catch up.

We had our usual trip to Nuevo Chique on Tuesday. Wednesday we went to Siranush again, and again while I managed to dance almost every tanda, Viv spent most of the time sitting out. I think we have given it a fair trial and doubt we will be going back. It is the most expensive milonga we go to and it is too much to pay for Viv to dance with just me and John and maybe one other.

We left early and went to the bar on Julian Alverez again. Somebody had decided to change the music. Now instead of a mix of eighties music that we could sing along to and play “Name the Artist” There was a more eclectic mix of more modern stuff. It looks like our Wednesdays are due for a change.

Thursdays saw a return to Fulgor. We arrived early, thinking we would get the most out of the quiet floor. We danced every tanda even getting up for the tropical. It was also a good chance to practice dancing some Pugliese tracks without people in the way. By eleven we were worn out and ready to leave, but suddenly a whole new crowd arrived. We would have liked to stay, but we had used all our energy and we still had the walk home to do.

Mauricio has visited the flat and he likes it. He will be at the university at Faculda de Medecino, so he walked back and found it an easy trek. He is coming back on Monday to finalise the arrangements. There is also a hope that he will take the flat on next year as well. It is unlikely he will be another Philippe, but with luck we have the next two years sorted.

Friday and we returned to the school again for the Asado in the afternoon. There was no yoga for Viv so she joined us from the start. We now have a small group going, there is we two Mauricio and Jayden, a boy of 12 years old from Canada who is bigger than any of us and looks much older. He seems to have nothing in common with people his own age, he even likes eighties music. He has a lady who looks after him called Viviana, we call her his baby sitter.

You can only eat so much asado in the afternoon, so we still needed to go out later. Anyway Friday is our night for eating out so we had decided to go to the bar on the opposite corner of our block.  It was early, we knew, but perhaps we could have a drink while we waited. Two girls were behind the bar looking quite busy, ” Es abierto?” I asked. “No” was the curt reply.

We walked around the block until it was past eight, but I had by now decided I did not like the attitude. The girls were now eating outside with no sign of opening.

“Sod this” I said there is a very nice bar on Bulnes y Guardia Vieja that we had been to before, I said lets go there.  We had a big bottle of Quilmes Negra, ambrosia for us and the gave us peanuts as well. Viv had an omlete and I had hamburgesa casada and we had a big bowl of chipped potatoes in olive oil with skins. There was so much stuff we had to leave some (Something for which the Finches are famous for not doing). The whole bill came to $200 or a tenner to those at home. We sat on the street enjoying the café life and seeing the world go slowly by. (It is still rush hour until about ten and the walkers move faster than the traffic). We left sated and happy and decided that the miserable girls in the other bar had done us a favour.

If my story is a bit disjointed, please forgive me. I have spent four days with my head in computer files and have had no time for blogging. If there are any gaps you do not understand please comment or mail me and I will try and put right any inconsistencies.


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