Angel of the ferreteria

Off for another try to get our telephone cable. I was not looking forward to this, I half expected to told to bugger off, as I did not even have a receipt for the old one. The shop was full when I arrived, the old guy serving, and no sign of the younger deaf guy who had served me. He came in just as the last customer was being served, he seems to be my angel of the ferreteria. He bounced about and looked pleadingly at me “Ya no funciona” I said. He put his hands together in an act of supplication and took my cable, he went around the back and came back with the remote for the aircon. Then he did a little ta da! when it came on.

Then he fetched a pair of scissors and went to cut the ends off my cable, then ah! He went off to try the phone. With my cable now plugged in he did a sort of weeping motion and shook his head. He came back and tried to cut the ends off with the scissors, when that did not work he picked up the snips. Eventually when he had crimped two new ends on he tried it again with the phone. Ta da! and two thumbs up it was working, again with his hands together “Disculpa me” he said. “No problem” said I.

I returned and the cable worked perfectly. I should never have worried about returning the cable, the guy was sweet. I also had a lot of entertainment, far more than a pound would have bought me anywhere else.

It is a day for ferrerias, we took a trip to Easy as well. We wanted some hooks for a washing line and some sealer for the joint on the tap. I managed to get covered in soldering flux, as it was leaking all over the shelf. No one in the store seemed bothered and, as usual, there was no soap in the toilets to get it off my hands. TIA.

On the way back we stopped off at a dietetica just to see what they had, and, deep joy, they had peanut butter. It is not as good as the Dutch stuff we brought with us. It has hydrogenated oil in, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Off to Obalisco so we set off to the bus stop. We waited twenty minutes without a sign of a 168, then we saw one coming at great speed. We stood in the road with our arms out, along with several others who were waiting. The bus went straight past with the driver waving his arms, and the bus was not even full. In fact it was nearly empty.

We waited another quarter of an hour and then we said “enough” it was four more blocks to Carlos Gardel and we still never saw a 168, We took the subte to Pueyrredon then changed onto the H line until Humberto primero. Then 9 blocks to the milonga. It had taken us nearly an hour and a quarter to get there but at least we had arrived.

I asked one of the ladies I danced with how they coped if they had to work or go to school, with the unreliable transport. She said “don’t you have these problems?” she really believed that this sort of thing is common everywhere.

For some reason the men were a different crowd and Viv again had difficulty, but all the usual women were there for me. My Chilean lady from Chique was there as well, she had apparently been to hospital, something to do with her eyes. I did not fully understand what she was saying, but I think she will be there tomorrow.

We did not win the sorteo again, so it was off home on the 151. We saw three 151 pass as we came out, the bus problems continue, so a 90 colectivo it was.

After washing our hands we were off out again to try the bar on the opposite corner of our block. Another error, it is closed Monday, still a short walk back and there is another bar we have not tried.

We had the pechuga curry and I had a quilmes stout to go with it. It tasted very nice, but it was not curry or even close, more like chicken supreme. I really should know better by now, but at least we resisted the postres.

The Megatlon gym was on the other side of the road, it was quite amusing to see all the feet in the air. Viv said she could not eat postre while watching all those fit people. Just shows how important location is.




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