Medalla Milagrosa

Had to go for some more money today, while Viv went to yoga. Afterwards we met up in the café at the corner for a coffee and some lovely apple tart.
I seem to be spending a lot of time underground today. Subte into town, subte back again to put my money away. Then subte back to Uruguay to meet Viv. Then the epic, B line to Pueyrredon then the new H line to Humberto Primero change again and finally E line to Medalla Milagrosa.
I have seen this church many times as we leave and enter the city from the airport, and have promised myself I would visit. On the way in to the church we saw a beggar, I felt sorry for him and it bothered me while I was there.
Medalla Milagrosa has a beautiful simplicity, although the artefacts and statues are very detailed, it does not have the ostentation of the Spanish churches with all their gold. See what you think.DSCF0578



On the way out of the church I gave the beggar $10 To salve my conscience. He called after me asking if I had anything bigger. I wanted to rip it out of his hand, talk about ingratitude.
After the church we took a walk through Parque Chacabuco which all but adjoins it. After a short walk we found a lido which looked an excellent place to maybe spend day. We found the front entrance and asked the man about the entrada. He said we could not pay here but must pay under the autopista. “Yes but how much?” I asked. Turns out it is just $25 in the week and $35 at weekends. So we set out to find the office.
It is a peculiarity of Buenos Aires, that they put so many obstacles in the way of anyone who wants to use their services. We passed under the autopista twice and gave up and had an ice-cream instead. After the Ice- cream we made one more attempt and found a huge metal cage with a small entrance around a miniscule window behind which sat two old ladies. I asked if this was where we could buy tickets for the piscine and we were told yes.
I don’t know if we will come back, but at least we now know how to get in.
Well we spent a pleasant couple of hours just wandering the park. I think we have found the only place in Buenos Aires free of dog shit.DSCF0585



We had almost the same journey back but we got on a station nearer and left at Pueyrredon. We wanted a Chinese tonight and thought we had passed one on Corrientes. Well as we later found out, we had but it was further down.
Still we arrived back for a rest first and found a card under the door, addressed to Mrs Bob Finch telling me that AFIP want $40 duty for a parcel from the United States. As I do not know anyone from the US, I have no intention of picking it up.
The subte seems to be running now so we took it down to Pasteur, got off and walked to the Chinese. On the door it said that their Argentine chef was on holiday and they were sorry for the inconvenience. What exactly did this mean? Was the Chinese chef still there but they could not cook steak? Perhaps they now had a non Argentine chef? It was a mystery to us, so we walked in anyway.
The guy behind the bar said “no” then called for Marian. I looked at him then he said Marian again then more slowly Manaña. So the Chef ( whether argentine, Chinese or even Mongolian) was on holiday and so they were shut. Tip for Chinese restaurants; if your chef is away notice should say “Disculpe, estamos cerado. Chef en vacaciones” not your argentine chef is on holiday.
Is it any wonder we never understand each other?
Luckily the subte was still running, so we got back on and then went over to the Chinese on Cordoba. As I said “Spent a lot of time underground today” This Chinese may look a bit ropey, but it was open.
The food came in some logical order (which is always a plus) although the rice did come later than the main courses. My only criticism was the spring rolls, what on earth was in them and why were they fried to the point of cremation. Rock hard and no garnish. The pan chino was delicious although a bit on the small size.
All in all though, I enjoyed the meal and again it was half the price we would have paid at home.


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