Carlos Gardel

As we did not get a chance to show the ladies the Gardel house, I thought we would visit ourselves and get a few photos. RIMG1405



The house is in the shape of a Conventillo. It would not have had a roof on this bit in Gardels day

The house is in the shape of a Conventillo. It would not have had a roof on this bit in Gardels day

I think we should start an Urban myth here: Have you ever seen Carlos Gardel and George Formby together? I thought not. Both loved horses, both wrote their own music, their times cross over, and lets face it; they look alike.
Looking at the Gardel story, he wanted to leave for a while but was constrained because of his name change. Then look at the plane crash. It was suspicious to say the least, and six people survived including the pilot who was also the company boss. Then George Formby appeared, I think this is suspicious, don’t you?

As we walked out it started raining again. Not heavy but enough to get us wet if we spent too long, so we went into the Abasto Centre. Viv wanted some juice so we headed up to the food hall. Not much chance with all these big chain foodstalls, but we did see one advertising on a blackboard, squeezed orange. “Dos jugos” I asked ” No tengo” she replied. I did want to ask why it was on the blackboard, but sometimes it is not worth the trouble.
Viv then noticed a place doing frozen yogurt. It seems you cannot choose, you either have three toppings or nothing.
We sat down with our yogurt when a lady came begging, she had a child in her arms that she was looking at sympathetically “Dinero para leche por la bebe” she asked. Too long here I have become a cynic, You don’t get that fat on starvation diet. So we ignored her.
Later on our way out, we were vindicated. She was sat at a table, the poor child all but ignored while she stuffed her face with a McDonalds meal. As I said, time here makes you cynical.
Last week we did not know if we would go back to Sala Siranush, but we have decided to give it another try.
Outside the building it was hammering down, I was not sure what to do. Viv said we could try a bus, but that would still involve walking several blocks. A taxi drew up and let someone out, the decision was made. It is a straight run down Cordoba into Armenia so it only came to $27. That is exactly a pound more than the bus, well worth it to keep us dry.
The place was near empty when we arrived and we had little difficulty getting dances. In fact Viv did better than I for the first hour or so. The place filled and then there was a ladies choice. apart from Viv that was the last dance I got. Viv was also having trouble. Then came the rock and roll followed by Pugliese. Then came Zebedee “Time for bed” he said.


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