Pancake day

Not expecting much of the English tradition here, but we can keep it in our own way.
Philippe said he was coming and we stayed in for him, but he never turned up. So I rang him from the land line, it seems my SMS never got to him. My credit, it appears, has run out. How this has happened when I never use the phone is anybody’s guess.
The subte is shut again today so we took the 151 collectivo to Nuevo Chique. Getting off at Constitution does save us a few blocks walk, but the bus is hot and humid.
As we walk down Alsina we pass a couple and Viv thinks they may be tango dancers. From the front I see that she has a top on that says “Tango Argentino”. They arrived in Chique just after us and sat juntos at the far end of the room.
Later I was dancing and Viv was in front of me dancing with someone else. I simply had to point to this couple from the street, they were leaping around like foals in a paddock. A group of ladies sat at the end fell about in hysterical laughter. In a way I felt sorry for them, whoever had taught them obviously knew nothing of what tango means here, they had simply wasted a lot of money.
There were a lot of women again and Viv was having a hard time. We had arrived early so we left early, Viv was not for an extended stay.
We walked back to constitution and checked all the restaurants, non advertised pancakes. Obviously they are all heathens.
Not put off, and knowing that they often have them as desert, I asked at the last one. Thinking we could always walk back and ask at the others if we fail. “Si Señor” said the waiter and pointed them out on the menu.
We could not just have desert so we had a couple of empanadas and a bottle of beer. When we were ready the waiter came with the pancakes. Viv’s cream filled pancakes were neatly folded into parcels. My apple and rum ones were just on a plate, but the waiter poured the rum over them and set it alight. A bit of showmanship.
Well it was not the cheapest place, but all in all not that expensive and we did get a good show for our money.
Colectivos were rare tonight, and by the time one arrived it was nearly full. Normally we have the bus almost to ourselves. It also changed route again and diverted down Billinghurst. I missed Corrientes, through not paying attention, but we got off just after Guardia Vieja, which was better.
After getting changed we set out again. As this is shrove Tuesday there would surely be some carnival tonight. We were not disappointed, and my camcorder battery held out as well. Better than my arm, standing there with my hand in the air for hours was beyond me. So my recording has several breaks, while the blood rushed back into my hand.
I think that is the end of the carnival for this year, watch out on youtube for the film of all the murga madness.


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