Long weekend

Not a very exciting day. A trip to Jumbo and a walk back down Corrientes. There is so little open, even Viv managed not to get waylaid.
So we went to Fulgor again. This is the long weekend and the numbers were up almost to the level we remember. You could tell from the faces, that those locals who come here irregularly were perplexed. Who were these foreigners, and why were all these locals kissing them? Well if they patronised their local club them they would know.
It was nice to keep them guessing. Our friend from Gardel has now joined those who greet us as well, it is getting hard to do any dancing, by the time we have kissed everyone hello, they are staring to leave again.
We walked out with a crowd all enjoying the warm night air. The big guy (whose name we still do not know) walked with us. I thought that at last we were getting on, then he said that Viv danced well but me not so well. I thought it was just a joke and started playing along. That was until he started telling me how I should improve.
Well, I am not so arrogant that I think I can do without improvement, and I can take comments from people who dance well. The big guy, I am afraid, does not fall into that category. He has no musicality, moves with a plod, and his biggest fault is the way he looks down. The very thing he criticised me for.
I wonder sometimes, when I teach I will pick at faults, that is what they pay me for, but never in a milonga will I criticise another dancer. It seems here that all foreigners are fair game, good job I have a thick skin.
Just to finish my night I arrived back with dog dirt on my shoe, something nice for me to scrape off. In this city where nobody cares about the mess that their dogs leave, we have done well. Considering the miles we walk and that it is often dark when we walk home, it is a wonder that this was the first time this trip.


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