Valentines Day

We got up late today, so there was no time for the feria. As it was Valentines day I took Viv for an Ice-cream (nothing to do with me wanting one).
We then went down to Sarmiento y Acuña for some flowers.
Saturday is Arranque but today I forsook our 168 and had a list of other collectivos we could use. The first to pass was a 26 so we jumped on and were at Callao in no time.
Viv thought we should go juntos as it was Valentines, but then changed her mind, she though it might ruin her chances in the future.
We arrived quite early and the crowd had not built up yet.
Later though it got very crowded and it was quite hard to dance. It did not last though, by 7:30 it was thinning again.
I was expecting to be fed salad tonight, but Viv had a change of mind. She said that as it was Valentines that we should go instead to La Americana again for a pizza. I did not take much persuading, pizza and Quilmes Stout always sounds good to me.
Afterwards it was back on the 151 and again the had route changed. So we had to get off at Gascon and walk. The streets are again filled with Murga madness and I guess this is why the bus had to divert.
This is the start of their long weekend and all this noise will carry on until Tuesday.


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