Indian in BsAs?

Friday and Viv is off to yoga at VOS again. Leaves me alone for a while to do as I please.
After the yoga they are having a wine tasting at the school so I am off to meet Viv there. Everyone brought some cheese as requested, but some were a bit more adventurous and brought, bread, chorizo, crackers, pate, it was a veritable feast.
So I left, not only slightly drunk, but also stuffed. Two Americans, Armin and Ellen left with us. We had promised to show them our Camino film so we brought them back here.
They brought a bottle of wine with them, but nobody was ready for more wine yet. After they had left I needed a siesta and did not get up until after eight.
Down in our old hunting ground, I had found an Indian restaurant behind Luba’s house. As we have nothing particular on we thought we could try it out.
The evenings are getting cooler now and Viv took a jacket out with her. It was just as well, as they had the aircon on. They did turn it off, but then the lights went out and when they reset them the aircon came back on. Hace frio as they say here.
The menu was a disappointment, I think there were eight mains to choose and half of them were vegetarian. It was flavourful but both our mains tasted the same. They seriously need to get a chef from Birmingham here.
And the Bill? $400 more or less. Not expensive in UK terms, but ludicrous for here.
Definitely not our best meal here, and not the best $400 I have ever spent.


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