Gardens in the sky

I was led astray this morning, “lets get some gravel for the plants” Viv said. We got halfway along Guardia Vieja and it changed to a trip to Jumbo. I was had.
Still we got some provisions and I left Viv to go back on her own and turned onto Corrientes to get the gravel. Actually what I got was clay aggregate which was much better. Had I been looking for it I probably never would have found it.
Later we went out again. First stop was the corner of Salguero for some ice-cream. It just has to be done.
I is impossible to just walk to where I want to go, there are too many shops for Viv to browse in. Eventually we got the extra plant we wanted, my high level garden is coming on nicely.
Had to stop in the almacen on the way back for some cheese. I wanted a range for the cheese and wine on Friday, but they would not do less than 250grams of each, so I had to settle for a smaller range.
We went back to Sala Siranush to see if it would live up to it’s promise. I’m afraid it did not, we danced more together than with others. Viv had her Korean guy, but I only got a couple of beginners and a lady from Bahia Blanca. It was nice to have some connection to DiSarli however tenuous.
It improved later on, but never reached the levels of Nuevo Chique.
We may go back, but the jury is out.


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