The Famous Bob & Viv Finch

I made a start on photographing the flat today, got as far as the bedroom. I really will have to get moving soon.
Viv wanted some flowers so we set out for Sarmiento and Figueroa where I know there are many flower shops. We got two bunches of roses at a bargain price and then headed back. Just around the corner was a shop selling plant pots and there in front of us was a trough just the right size. So I bought that as well.
The ladies from England were coming and I expected them to call so that I could show them the way from Medrano. I had given them instructions, but never the less, I never expected that they would just arrive.
A good job that they had not phoned first as I would have been out.
We took them down to Gardel and they took photos of the new statues. We then went down to his house, but could not go in as it is Tuesday.
We then walked through Zelaya and looked at all the Filatela on the buildings and the Gardel music. It was at this point a guy came out and accosted us. At first I did not know who he was or what he wanted. Then he said he knew us from Villa Crespo, “Villa Crespo, Fulgor” he said. He told our ladies how we danced and how well Viv did the chacarera.
At last our fame is known, we can no longer walk the streets of Buenos Aires without being recognised.
Our ladies were hungry and thirsty so we headed back to Passaje Gardel for an empanada. While jugo was the preferred drink I stuck with cerveza.
I thought that these ladies were not for walking too much, but we ended up walking all the way into town. Shows what you can do when your mind is diverted by all those shops.
After a short stop at their hotel we went to Suarez and had some ice-cream. Then to a tango shop for some music. I was a bit miffed, because if I had been forewarned we had walked within feet of the biggest music store in town. Still it was their last day and tango had to be bought.
We had walked into town and now missed our milonga so why not walk back. At least that was Vivs thinking. So we did, and we stopped at Stuart’s for a hefty sandwich to take back for our supper.


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