Early night

There are still a few minor jobs to do here. So I take a solo trip to Easy. Most things I can get locally, but the problem often is, what to ask for.
I managed to get some cable ties, that are not on my urgent list. I got a replacement double for my single socket by the desk. I also got another four way extension, although this was not exactly what I wanted.
I found just the right tub for some plants on the balcony, but it was so heavy that there is no way I am going to carry it the length of Salguero.
Still I came back reasonably successful and proceeded to fit the new socket and affix the extension to the wall. Same problem, no drill. I marked the wall by tapping the screws and they sort of stuck. Well, nothing ventured, I proceeded to screw them in, and it worked. Horrible walls will never take a rawlplug, but it seems, you can just screw into them.
Back to Obalisco again today. The 168 colectivo passed us as we walked to the stop, then a second. It was too hot to run but now there was a big queue so we stepped up the pace. A dark skinned guy with dreadlocks and reflective sunglasses was about to get on the bus when he saw us. He stood there one hand on the bus and one leg on the road, holding up the bus. “Gracias Señor” I said when we got on. I did wonder though if he had done us a favour when the bus was full to bursting and hardly moving. We were covered in sweat by the time we arrived at Carlos Calvo.
Numbers were right down in Obalisco and despite the fact that they are friendly we had trouble getting dances. I soon exhausted my supply of favourite ladies and Viv was often with the same couple of men.
The canyengue teacher Martha died on Saturday and Gabriela played a Canaro canyengue tanda in her Honour.
We left early having run out of partners took our 151 home. This time it diverted up Billinghurst then Sarmiento before turning back into Salguero and resuming its usual route.
Back to the old lady for our evening meal, then an early night.



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2 responses to “Early night

  1. tangobob

    Not my canyengue teacher, but she did teach a friend of mine. So no I did not know her personally, but all I hear confirms what you say.

  2. You mention “your canyengue teacher Martha died”, do you mean Martha Anton?
    If yes, she certainly was a wonderful dancer/teacher of tango and canyengue and a beautiful person that gave the community a lot.

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