Murga madness

Another Saturday so another visit to Parque Centanario. We managed to walk right through without buying anything, which is a plus for me. We stopped for a juice and some water and then headed back.
The trouble is that I may have got away with spending nothing, but Corrientes is lined with shops. We did not even get that far before was waylaid, Viv found a dress shop on Angel Gallardo. She found nothing that fitted but we were still in there twenty minutes.
Then we stopped in a household shop and managed to get some containers, We also had to stop in every shoe shop we passed.
Then we had to go into a plant shop. I was by now hot and tired and would have bought anything. We settled for an umbrella plant for our balcony.
Eventually Viv found a pair of sandals in a shop where “everything must go” so at least we had a 50% discount.
The Venezuelan girl was very nice too. She spoke perfect English with not a hint of accent. Apparently she had learned by watching “Pride and Prejudice” over and over. I nearly left without our plant, I was so glad to get out.
After a rest we took the 168 and headed for El Arranque again. Viv was not at her best and decided to leave early. She said she would wait for me in El Americano on the corner.
After the Chacarera I joined her when she was best part through a beer. Seemed fair enough to me, so I had a beer and she had another and we had a pizza for tea. Good pizza too, I will have to put this place on our list.
The 151 again diverted down Sarmiento, but this time it did not go back up Humahuaca. We had to get off at Gascon and Guardia Vieja and walk.
Then I remembered the stage on Corrientes, and I thought “That is what is happening” Just then a bus Passed with youths hanging out and generally making a lot of noise, which sort of confirmed it.
Anyway I got quickly changed and went out to survey the action.
You have heard, no doubt, about the Mardi Gras in Brazil. Well Buenos Aires has its own version. It is on a much smaller scale, but it goes on for weeks and almost every barrio has there own Murga.
At our Murga each Barrio has a parade and it goes on for about half an hour, then there is a lull before the next barrio comes in. They march up Corrientes to where the stage is then dance Murga in front of the stage. Finally the barriers are opened and they continue through to Salguero where they finish.
There is a lot of noise, drums and whistles and a lot of jumping around. I filmed until my battery ran out and then went for my still camera. I am afraid the results were not good, but I will try and post it to Youtube when I get home.
I did get a good picture of an old collective though.DSCF0556
We managed to avoid most of the spray foam, but Viv soon got bored and was looking in the shoe shops again. Time for bed, I think.


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