Bochin Club

I had to go out for some shopping today. I quite enjoy the experience of dealing with the locals and Viv says “I am on holiday”.
Anyway I diverted around Guardia and Bulnes, so that I had to walk up Corrientes.
A few days ago I saw that they were building a stage. I had no idea what they were doing or why, so I went for a further look.
The stage is on the left hand side looking down towards town. Now on the right hand side they have built a seating area. Whatever they are doing, it looks like it involves a closure of Corrientes. This will be monumental, as Corrientes is one of the main routes into town. It is hard to see where the traffic will go, as most other roads head out. It will either be Diez Valez or Humahuaca. (This will divert around the blockage, but it is too small to cope, I think). Interesting days to come.
On a different note, they are smashing up the pavement again. The same bit that they have wrecked and repaired three times since we have been here. Have they never heard of manholes?
We are missing Fulgor again tonight, Thursdays are a bit flat at the moment, I just hope they pick up. The reason we are missing tonight is because we are eating with the school at The Bochin Club.
It is another place that we can walk to, but I came out without the address, and for a moment or two worried that we would not find it. You see it is not best advertised and difficult to see when you are close up.
When we arrived, as usual we were the first there, and of course there was no booking. We had no idea how many would be coming so we waited outside.
As always it was chaos, and even when we were finally all seated the service is slow. It is good food at a low price and so worth the wait.
We had one of those parillas that sit on the table. I am afraid though that neither of us ate any of the intestines and Viv was squeamish about the kidney. Gaston helped with the kidney but the intestines remained untouched.
Muchas cerveza and vino, and we finished off with pancakes for Viv and bread pudding for me. I was well stuffed and needed the walk home.
We calculated our portion of the bill, but Gaston had just divided it all up equally and gave me $100 back. I am afraid one of the Americans was not happy at his contribution, which I could understand. When all is said and done though it was just $150 each or £7.50, but I suppose if you don’t eat much it can seem unfair.
It was nearly midnight by the time we had finished and we enjoyed a quiet walk home in the warm night air.
We found out what the stage is for, but I am not going to tell you just yet I am still investigating.


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