Little luxury’s

We are back at Spanish again. I have my old tutor back, which means I spend more time talking and less time on the theory. This suits me. Although I realize the necessity of the verbs, I need to better understand the basics first.
Viv, it seems is having similar problems. Too many conjugations and not enough comprehension.
Still when the torture is over and we had a rest, we headed off to Sala Siranush. It is always expensive here, so rather than just waste my money we elected to sit en junto.
It seems quite a friendly crowd, although as Canning proved, looks can be deceptive.
The tour group from the UK were here again, and again the men and taxis sat on the opposite side. When one of the ladies came over and asked me to dance, I felt guilty leaving Viv, but after all she was a pupil of mine.
No sooner was I on the floor than Viv had an invite. The same thing happened when I went to the toilet. Maybe we had misjudged this place. Despite its price we may come back. I was still surprised not to be invited to join the tour group though. After all, out of five ladies three of them had been to me for lessons and Viv really wanted to try dancing with one of the taxi dancers.
I think Viv enjoyed the luxury of having me to herself though.
The waiting staff here leave something to be desired. They take payment straight away, sometimes. At others they come back, as the waitress did with us. We had paid for our first drink but the second took her ages . Then she sort of forgot our change, as did I. I had to run back after leaving to collect it.
We left the ladies outside as they took a taxi cab back to their hotel. We did not have that luxury, we had our feet.
Still we stopped at a garage on Cordoba and had a medialuna as we walked. Some luxury’s are cheaper than others.
On our way home we found someone had dumped a water cooler on Salguero. It was too tempting, I took the bottle. It will be a perfect receptacle for our aircon waste water.


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2 responses to “Little luxury’s

  1. tangobob

    There were two taxi dancers paid for by the group. There were two other men in the group, so they all took turns. Had we joined the group, it is, I think, not unreasonable for the taxi dancers to dance with Viv if I was dancing with the ladies who paid. As we were not invited, Viv rightly, I think, thought I should not dance with the group and leave her sat alone, whilst these ladies had their fill.

  2. jantango

    Taxi dancers are usually men who are hired by women to dance with them at a milonga. There is one particular foreign lady who has danced with the same taxi dancer for years. They sit together in Nuevo Chique and other milongas. She is more than a few years older than he is. He doesn’t need other clients because he dances regularly with this lady.

    During a visit to Nuevo Chique in December, I was gobsmacked when the taxi dancer approached an American woman I’ve known for years to dance the milonga tanda with him. She accepted. I asked her later if she looked at him or had danced with him before; she had not. So the lady who pays him to dance with her watched while he danced with another at no charge.

    I believe that a taxi dancer has an obligation to his client(s). He’s paid for services to keep his clients happy and dancing. These men are well paid even though their dancing skills leave much to be desired.

    There is a French woman who regularly hires a younger man to dance with her in Lo de Celia for hours. They stand out in the crowd because he dances another style of tango. After being seen for weeks with a taxi dancer, why would men want to dance with her? She pays a man to dance with her. Most do it for the pleasure of the dance.

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