Steak and stout

Well we finally got Philippe to come for the rest of his stuff. At least I thought we had. Now we just have an extra cardboard box. Viv says it’s like trying to get a teenager to leave home, but we never had this trouble with our own.
He’s supposed to be coming back tomorrow with a car, we shall see.
I took a trip out and bought some provisions, and at the almacen I bought some steak for later. I finally found out that the “Sardo” advertised, is an Italian cheese, not some sort of beef. Viv would not let me buy some though as I had bought some edam the day before.
Off to Nuevo Chique and apparently Pauline and Geoff were behind us on Uruguay on the way from the subte. “Too hot for them to catch us” apparently.
We had been there an hour and Gustavo and Maria turned up. They sat en Junto at the end. I expected the Britsh contingent to join them, but as six passed there was no sign. Not until seven did they turn up. They sat at the bottom end, on the women’s side. While the only man in their group sat on the men’s side. They had hired two taxi dancers who also sat with the men. It gave the impression, to the uninitiated, that they were being invited to dance.
I managed to dance with two of the ladies but time was against us. It was time for us to leave. We had steak to consume and just to top it bought some stout in the chino.


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