Fried brain

Another Monday another cycle of Spanish. You would think it would get easier, but it does not. A whole new way of using verbs and pronouns, on top of which I had not a clue what the teacher was asking of us. I wondered if Viv was finding it any easier. At the half time break I found out. She was having similar problems. I am sure this must get better, I just wonder when.
By the time we caught our 150 collective my brain was fried. I barely knew what I was doing, and when Viv asked where we were I did not know.
Still we arrived safely at the corner of Solis and Carlos Calvo and walked the block into Obalisco.
Somehow I managed to loose my shirt, in the short time from paying to finding my seat. I had to go back around the tables to look for it again. I was still in confusion when I went into the toilets to change. I took my glasses, that I normally leave on the table, to mark my spot, and I left my after shave on the table.
Still once we started dancing my mind cleared. It is a form of meditation that somehow frees the mind and all stresses disappear.
Neither of us missed a tanda all night. I only did one Vals with Viv but she was happy just the same.
Monday is all a bit of a rush these days so the only meal we get is after the milonga. So it was back to the Old Lady again (Guarda la Vieja) for salad chips and empanadas, and, of course, a bottle of stout.
When my head hit the pillow, I did not take much rocking.


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