You win some you loose some.

A bit of a failure really. We went to Parque Centanario again just to mooch and to get that guitar I had set my heart on. Wouldn’t you know it? The Guitar man was not there today.
Last week when I was looking for an adjustable spanner they were like hens teeth. This week, because I was not looking for one they were everywhere.
Viv found some lovely cat suits, the guy said they were $200. Viv thought that was dear until I said “it’s only £10”. So Viv tried to go behind the racks to see if it fitted. The guy said “no probar”. We indicated that she would just try it and I was staying here with her stuff “No probar, goodbye” he said, and took the cat suit away.
What a rude man and he had lost an almost certain sale. Viv was angry for the rest of the day and we ended up buying nothing anywhere.
We stopped at a bar “Petit Morrison” for a juice and some water. It cooled us off but the water men were doing something and dragging their gear through from the road. So we did not stay too long, anyway we had to get ready to go out.
We went to El Aranque again on our 168 and had a thoroughly good time. I managed to scrounge some champagne from the birthday girl Graciela. Viv was not ready to do the chacarera again though, so that was our signal to leave.
We caught our 151 home again, but when it got to plaza Almagro, the traffic was stationary so he turned off down Sarmiento. As it got down Gascon I rang the bell, but the driver shouted that he was going back on route.
I really have no idea how much time he saved by missing four blocks, and adding another eight on, but we arrived right by our front door again despite the diversion.


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