Happy Hour

Viv has finally got her wings. She set off on her own to the language school at about midday for her Yoga. I stayed at home mooching and sorting out my mess.
At two ish I set off as well. On the way I found a guy selling fruit on the corner of Salguero. At first I walked past, then I thought “buy it when you see it” they had the best bananas I have seen here, so I bought a bunch for Viv. And Viv thinks I never think of her.
They were having a music session with folklore and chacarera, at the school, at three, with the chance to play some of the instruments.
The subte just flew today and I arrived at Alvear at only ten past. So I thought I would stop for a coffee at the café on the corner.
They do say that after many years together you get a sort of telepathy, well Viv then stuck her head out of the bar that I was just about to go into. So we sat there together until it was time to go to the school.
I did not expect Viv to enjoy it really and in truth, neither did she. Before the class I had a chance to play the guitar. I was rusty as I had not played since November.
Everyone enjoyed the class and we got to try all the instruments and those who wanted tried the Bombo (A type of regional drum). Most though could not master the rhythm. I got all the right beats but somehow it came out more rock and roll. Another instrument was the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charango originally made from an armadillo they are now carved out of wood, because the armadillo is protected.
Then we had a chacarera class. The teacher was the novio of Daniela and she was supposed to help, but as Viv could do it she took over in the teaching roll. I must admit I was impressed.
When the class was over we said goodbye to the Brazilian contingent as they were now off home. Then we headed off to Viamonte.
We had seen La Robla before and had decided to try their paella valenciana. The price looked quite high, but still reasonable in UK terms.
There was chewing gum on the seat next to me and I was quite surprised when the cleaner just picked it up “Chicos” he said.
When we had finished the waiter asked if we wanted another beer, when we declined he did a sort of Ted Rogers thing. (“Three Two One”) only he just did the two one. Then he explained that we got two for the price of one. I told him we called that “Happy hour” whereupon he showed me the board which said “Happy Hour”. “In that case you’ve convinced me” so we sat and had another beer.
When the bill came I could not understand it somehow the whole bill; Paella, two chops, bread and cubiertos, came to less than the menu price of the Paella.
I guess we will just have to come again some time.
We thought we would try Fulgor tonight, but as often seems to happen, three quarters of an hour after it was supposed to open, there was not a light on.
Ah! well it was a good night for a walk. We thought about Canning, but that was not due to open until eleven. For that you can read, at least midnight. So we wandered on and had Ice-cream on the corner of Gascon where the old antique shop was.
then it was off to bed with some chocolate armargo and milk.


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